HVMS "Raider" Band and Tall Flag Team
Classes 1977 - 1999
Reunion & Dinner

Raider Reunion Comments

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.

This was by far the best and most fun year there was.

I'll be there! I'll try to find my fedora. Take care. I can't wait to see all of you.

We'll be there!!! So awesome!!

JON! - I am so there buddy! I hope you will remember who I am.


This is awesome!!! �I'm so glad this is happening. �My best experiences were learning & traveling with the band & all the friends I made.

What a blast from the past! I still remember Mr. Riksford, as if it was yesterday, barking at us on that asphalt.

Thank you for pushing me musically and inspiring so much confidence. �Thanks in part to you and this program I'm playing piano professionally, singing and playing in a band that's playing with Willie Nelson this year on his tour. �Thank you! �I'm looking forward to the reunion.

This is the best idea ever!!!

I can't wait!! �What a great idea, Jon!!

Jon; thank you for putting this together. I still remember the definitions for pride and Esprit de Corps :) I'm glad you made us learn them. I still look back on those days with pride:)

Wow how exciting!

This is such a GREAT idea!!! I can't wait to see everyone and visit, and catch up on everything that has been going on. Some of my best memories came from HVMS Band trips. Mr. R. was my hero/mentor for a long, long time (even if he never realized it) Looking forward to it!

Hey Jon, I hope to make this event; it will be fun to see some of the old gang. �Good to hear that you are doing well.

Thanks for putting this together!

I would love to see everyone again, it has been awhile. I am so glad that you are doing this!!

Mr. Riksford, awesome idea! I hope more people from my year will be coming; it sure would be great to see everyone.

Thanks for making me give that extra effort in order to succeed. �I was a trouble maker and was pretty obnoxious, but you still believed in me.

I can't wait to see everyone all grown up.

Great idea Mr. R....... well ok, Jon. �Hope all is good with you! �I'm looking forward to catching up!

This should be interesting...

OMG. �This is going to be rad.

This is SO cool! �Being in the Hidden Valley Band and Flag Team were some of the best memories of all my school years! �It will be so fun to reminisce. �I'll bring the Dippity Do and blue eye shadow, he-he!

I am so excited. �What a great idea. �I still remember the definitions of esprit de corps and pride. �My husband thinks I'm crazy. �I'll pass the word around.

Looking forward to it! �:)

"Band...can you give me the definition of ESPRIT DE CORPS?" �Sir... ESPRIT DE CORPS….

Mr. Riksford, you were very talented. �The love of band returned with all those pictures.

"We ROCK!" �Congratulations on doing this; it's sooooo cool. � I challenge the band and flag team to remember the definitions; it would be fun to knock our family members with soooooooo much shock.

You were cool as a band director...but dang it... that bass clarinet is still taller then me!

Crazy times, I look forward to seeing everyone! �Thanks!

What an awesome idea!! �I learned so much from you Mr. Riksford and I can't wait to see everyone!! �Band was the best! �I'm so excited! ;-)

Thanks Jon! �It'll be great to see everyone.

You know about a year ago I was trying to find Esprit de Corps on the internet, and I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. �Great to see it on the pictures page. �

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody. �It's cool you put this together.

I can't wait to see all of you...especially 'the Maestro'!!!!

Great idea Jon! Thank you for setting it up. �I look forward to seeing the crew